Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Requests and Praises


     A lot has been happening in the last couple of weeks and I am sorry I have not been completely up to date. I have been having trouble with my internet. Below is a photo of a little boy named Caleb David. He arrived at the Baby Centre a couple of days ago. Please pray for him.

What was written about Caleb David on the Baby Centre Facebook page yesterday:
      Yesterday we received a call from the Children's Officer in Nakuru about a little one that they were requesting that we come pick up immediately. He is a very sick little boy and our nurses and caregivers worked around the clock all night to take care of him. Also, Robyn Moore was visiting today so she helped decide that he needed to go to Tenwek Hospital. We sent him this afternoon and are awaiting Tenwek's recommendation on treatment. His name is Caleb David and he is between 15-18 months old and weighed in at a small 6.6 kilograms (14-1/2 lbs.). Please keep Caleb David in your prayers.
The following was an update that was posted today:
He remains at Tenwek under their care. He is still receiving oxygen and IV fluids, but seems to be doing better today. Please continue your prayers for him.

     Above is a picture of a little boy named Baraka (which means Blessing) who is 4 days old. He joined us at the Baby Centre today, weighing in at 6 lbs. 10 oz. Pray for him as he adjusts to his new surroundings and that he would grow to know God and His love for him.
     Above is a picture of Kenneth Robert. My mother made me aware I had posted him somewhere else, but not on my blog. He arrived at the Baby Centre on April 8th. Sorry for the late introduction to some of you. He is about 5 months old.
     Last, but certainly not least, I am excited to share with you that Silas went home with his forever family on Monday! As we were sending him off, his parents could not stop smiling. It melted my heart when the father got up to speak, said his name, and then introduced himself as the father of Silas. Please pray for this new family as they grow together. That Silas would grow into a great man of God.

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