Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Families Being Formed and Goodbyes

     Less than two is all I have left here at the Baby Centre. I think I was in denial until this weekend that it was coming so quickly. I started packing on Saturday and the church I attend said goodbye to me on Sunday. 
     I am excited to return to the U.S. and spend time with my family and friends and to share about the time God has allowed  me to be a part of the ministry of the Baby Centre. At the same time it makes me sad to think of having to say goodbye, for now, to those who have become my friends and family here. Even though I know I will be returning, it is still hard to leave. Please pray for me as I pack my things up and have to say my goodbyes.
     As I return if you would like to get together, or if you have somewhere you would like me to share about the ministry of the Baby Centre, just let me know. I would love to see as many of you as possible while I am there.

      As I come to my other home, please forgive me if I do things that do not seem to make sense to you. Some examples might include...

1. Saying words you do not understand. I had this problem after only a short time here, a few years ago. After I went back to school I told one of my students to kuja (meaning come) and they just stared at me like I was nuts, at first. Once I told the kids what it meant, my whole class used it for the rest of the year. Some other examples of words I may say without thinking: pole (sorry), asante (thank you), sawa (sort of like saying it's okay), hodi (sort of a way to make yourself known when knocking on someone's door before you enter). I am sure there will be others. Don't be afraid to tell me you need a translation. :)

2. If you go to the grocery store with me. I may feel the need to stock up on my favorite items, and when I stock up I mean you would wonder why in the world I was buying 6 of the same thing. Sometimes here you have to stock up on what you like because you never know when they will run
out of it and may not have it again for months.

3. If I am the driver and I go to get in the passenger side of the car, or if I am the passenger and I try to get in on the driver's side.

     These are just a few things that you may notice, but I am sure there will be others.

     I am also excited that it is so busy here these days. Just this week we have had three kids who have become a part of a forever family. Praise God for moving in the hearts of people to take one of these precious children as their own.

Hosanna is pictured here with her mom and dad as well as her big brother!

Pictured here is Deborah with her mom.

Pictured above is Charity with her mom and Dad.

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