Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving and Prayers Part 3

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Sorry about that. I have been having trouble with it allowing me to post photos. So, make sure you check out all 3 Thanksgiving and Prayers blog posts. You will see a mix of children who God has brought to the Baby Centre and others who God has brought families to adopt them. Please continue praying for these precious children as they adjust, either to the Baby Centre or as they become part of a family. Thanks.
This little guy is named Luke. He and his twin sister are both three years old. His sister is pictured below. 
Meet Naomi
This little one is named Lydia. She is about 7 months old. Her sister is pictured below.

This sweet smiling girl is named Phyllis. She is about 7 years old.
Copied from the Baby Centre Facebook page: We had posted some time ago that Miriam Nancy had been adopted to a new mommy. In her best interest we decided not to post anything about her return. There were difficulties with Miriam’s first adoption, so she came back to join us at the Baby Centre. But, wonderful news, she was adopted by a mommy and daddy just the other day. We are so happy for her. And her new mommy and daddy were just overjoyed to have a new daughter that they had been waiting and praying for.

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