Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Granddaughter's Heart

       For those of you who do not have Facebook, or did not know, we lost a family member that was very special to me. My grandma passed away yesterday morning and is now in her home in Heaven. I have been thinking of all of the fond memories I have of her, and I wanted to just share a few with you.

     My grandma and my mom both taught me how to make the most amazing Christmas cookies, if I do say so myself. They both let us have the leftover cookie dough, to eat, when we could not make anymore cookies out of what was left. I think they just got tired of us staring at and begging for it. Grandma always put lots of red hots on her Christmas cookies, if we did not eat them all before she could. I use many recipes, now, handed down from her. She made the most amazing hot pickles.

     I loved her personality. My grandmother was short in stature but her personality made her big. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was sassy. People loved being around her. Her smile would draw you in.

     I remember riding in the car with my grandparents to church as they went around and picked up local kids to take them to Sunday school. What a blessing they have been to many kids who otherwise might not have had a way to get to church.

     I used to work at the Walmart near my grandparent's house, in the candy department. I was the first person people would see if they came in that side of the store. Every time they would come in, they would stop by and see me and tell me what a great a job I was doing. I always gave them a hug every time I saw them. Which for my almost 5 ft. 10 stature compared to my grandma's 4 ft. 7 always probably looked awkward to other people, but it was just perfect for us. It always made my day when they would come in and visit me.

     Many afternoons grandma and I would play yahtzee. Even though it really is a game of chance, she was the best. I think I only won from time to time because she let me.

     The last couple of years I got to spend priceless time with my grandma. We spent many afternoons just relaxing together. Chatting about everything under the sun. She was so excited for me to come to Kenya and even since I have been here, asking me different questions to know what all I was getting to be a part of.

     Today would have been my grandparents' 69th wedding anniversary. I always used to joke with them about how they treated each other, but it is obvious it made them close. Whenever one would leave the room they would kiss the other one and tell the other they loved them. What a wonderful example for me.


  1. April it is funny how the first thing all us grandkids think of when we think of granny is the Christmas cookies :) Well that and being told that the chair has 4 legs for a reason! The times with spent together we will cherish forever! My kids and I have made those same cookies almost every year but for some reason they never taste as good as hers. I think is was her love that she put into each one! Hope you are doing well there! You are always in my prayers!

    1. I forgot about the chair thing, but I was told that a million times while sitting at the dinner table. :) And you are completely right about how they never quite tasted like hers. It was definitely the love she put into them.

  2. So Sorry for Your loss April.... You and Your Family are in our thoughts and prayers....

  3. April I always loved the kisses when they left the room, I believe it was always 3. I never asked her why 3? She told one time that I should never go to bed mad at my children or my spouse and to always tell them I love them. I miss her alot.