Friday, November 9, 2012

Messy Laughter - Day 2 and 3

Paul making his play dough.
Having fun playing after he finished.
 We ended up spending two more days making play dough to make sure all of the toddlers had their own. There were a lot of smiles and some not so nice faces when they did not listen and decided to take a small taste of what they were making. Next time we will make something together they can actually eat.

Michael's smile is contagious!
Michael and Alex

Joshua having fun mixing.

Joshua made his play dough into a carrot.


Elias went to try and take a small bite of his and ended up pouring it all down the front of himself!



Ezra getting ready to pound his play dough.


Silas getting a little help to reach his bowl.



Daniel was having more fun with the flour on the table then with
his actual playdough.

Moses making a handprint.


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