Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Centre Projects Galore

     The Baby Centre is a busy place these days with many projects going on around the complex. Below are some of the projects that are either still being worked on or have just been finished.

Keying of the Security Wall
     As you can see from looking at the picture, the two sides of the wall look very different. While it makes the wall look nicer, the intent of keying is for security. It makes it more difficult to remove the individual blocks.

New Zero-Grazing Stalls for Our Dairy Cows

      We are moving our cows to the Baby Centre complex. Not only is it better for the cows, health-wise, it is also better for security purposes and saves us money in the transportation of the milk.

Feed Store for the Dairy Cows

We will store the cow feed, veterinary supplies and the tools for the farmhands.

New Diesel Fuel Pump

      We now have the ability to fill our own water truck and emergency generator with diesel fuel stored in our new underground tank. The tank is 4500 litres and will store enough fuel for 2 months.
Biogas Plant

     It will produce enough cooking gas, from our own cows, to cook all the food for the children. That way we will never have to buy any. Last year we spent about $2,500 in buying cooking gas.
Outdoor Cooker

     We use it to cook meals for large groups, including our staff.  We have enjoyed using it three times already and it worked great. We even made the staff chili one day.


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