Friday, March 1, 2013

Coming and Going

    A couple of days ago Patty and Erick went home with family. I will miss their smiles and especially their laughter. Patty had such a contagious laugh. Please pray for them and their family.

Patty loved to ham it up for the camera.
This is a picture of Erick on Christmas morning. This was the day we made them pancakes and sausage.
     Check back soon, as I will have a photo of a new two year old little girl that arrived a few days ago. You can begin praying for her though. Her name is Angel. She is a sweet little girl.

     Also, a few days ago I posted a few pics of projects going on around the Baby Centre. Yesterday the cows were moved from the farm to the complex here. I heard from those involved that it was an interesting journey down the street. The cows needed no help to get moving, in fact they ran to the Baby Centre. They are now in their new structure. Will post a pic of that later as well. The kids in wing B were standing at the window, excited to see the latest additions.

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