Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Busy Days

     These are special days here at the Baby Centre. We have had two children who became part of a forever family.

     The above picture is of Lewis and his new mom and dad. We are so thankful to these parents for coming and loving one of our babies as their own. They introduced themselves as the mom and dad of Lewis when they spoke to us as he was leaving. Thank God for providing this family for Lewis.

     What a sweet moment to see Emmanuel bonding with his new mom and dad. His parents were very sweet people. At one point Emmanuel had climbed out of his mom's lap to go play with a toy on the ground and one of the other children walked up to her and held their arms out to be held. She was so loving and picked up the other child and held him and loved on him until Emmanuel returned to be picked up. Thankful for God providing such wonderful parents to our kids.

     On top of children going home, we have also had some that arrived. Please pray for these new children as they adjust to being at the Baby Centre.

    Meet Joshua. He has been here for a few weeks and is settling in well. His smile lights up a room and he loves to copy people.

     Meet Phillip. He arrived here just a few days ago. He is about 1 week old and weighs around 7 pounds.

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