Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pics, Pics and More Pics

     Last week we had a group here who did an amazing job on putting up a fence for our Wing B kids. It is a beautiful area for the kids to play in, and is now even more safe since so many of the kids are walking and crawling all over the place. We are so thankful for the teams' hard work on getting this project finished.

     The group also helped to repaint some of the children's outdoor playground equipment. They painted their slide, the swing sets and the monkey bars that were put in a few months ago.

     Below are some updated photos of some of our kids. The first two are of Naomi and Jonathan when they first arrived, followed by photos from just a couple of days ago. It is amazing to be able to see them grow from tiny infants into a brother and sister who follow each other around as they crawl and are trying to pull themselves up. Jonathan likes to crawl into the closet when I am working in there and try to walk off with clothes!




Angel being her usual, curious, happy self.
Ken, Thomas and Joseph having a blast in the pool together.

Moses loves to smile.

     Photographs are very hard to take here some days. The kids all love to have their photos taken, so they will often climb on or in front of the person you are trying to take a photo of. Or as you can see from Blessing's picture they also like to try to touch or hold the camera. They also do not sit still for very long so that makes for some slightly blurry pictures or part of their head being cut off in the photo.



Eva was the original target of the photograph, but Michael decided to pop in!

     Those are all of the photos I have for right now, but check back again soon for another set. Please remember to keep these children in your prayers. Pray for good health and development and for the parents we know God will provide for them. Please also pray for me as I work to help them in their development that God would show me how best to help each child. Please also pray as I prepare a VBS for the kids about the characteristics of God, that it would help them to know Him better. Thanks for following me on this journey!

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