Friday, October 5, 2012

Bye Bye Training Wheels

     Today marked the last day of working with our language helper, for now. It has been three weeks of, what is in my opinion, some very intense instruction. Now we must continue using what we have learned and learn from those we are around as they help us navigate this new language. If you could translate this, you would be able to tell that we often would be talking about one thing and then end up on something completely different. The top was where we were learning to say I will have and I will not have. The bottom is talking about gifts. I asked a question about culture and that got us off topic.
     In three weeks we have learned (if I counted correctly) 170 verbs and different tenses to use with them, how to buy something at the market, how to order at a restaurant and many other things. Most importantly we have learned how to have everyday conversations with people. I  love to use my Swahili when I can, so do not be surprised if you receive a letter from me some time with at least a phrase I know or have just learned. I have enjoyed sharing with many of you, already, things I know how to say.
     Tonight we are going out for dinner with our teacher. For two hours we will not be speaking katika Kingereza (in English), katika Kiswahili tu (in Swahili only). Hopefully it will not be a super quiet supper. :)

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