Thursday, December 20, 2012

Going Home for Christmas


     This week has been so amazing. God is doing great things here. If you can believe it, we have had seven children who went home with their forever families this week. I am so thankful these children will get to spend Christmas with their families. The first four pictures are the boys and girls who went home today, December 20. Please pray for these families as they start their new life together.

      Joshua Alumasi was so excited today to get ready to meet his new Mommy and Daddy. They said how blessed they feel to be able to gain a son today.


     Jael's mom was so thrilled to finally see her new daughter that she almost could not contain her happiness. Tears began flowing and she didn't want to let go of Jael from the moment she first held her.

Jared with his mom and dad!
Susan with her mom and dad!
This next group of boys went home with their forever families on Tuesday of this week.
  Peter immediately snuggled into his mommy's arms and wouldn't let her go.
Adam's parents were so happy and thrilled to be adding to their family. The smiles never left their faces.

Alex ran in and immediately hugged his new Mommy and Daddy he was so happy.
 We also received a new little girl today. Her name is Rachel Salome.

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